I hate feeling like I need to speak and hear from you everyday, even though I know I have you already. The desire to be with you all the time is too much and so so bad. Lets fast forward so we can live together and love together without complications.

Two things

Hickeys should become a part of the social norm, because they’re harmless marks that signify someone feels passionate about you and you feel the same enough to allow them to give you those marks.

With my currently state I may just state lightening up my blog. I no longer feel as dark and depressed as I once was. Cheers mate.

After being sad for so long it’s almost hard to accept the fact that I can be happy. After this new medication and my boyfriend my mood has tremendously gotten better. Whenever I’m with him I don’t have to worry about being serious all the time or smart or gracious. I can be whoever I want and he still looks at me the way Flynn Rider looks at Repunzel. Yes I had to make the comparison because I think this is the first time a boy has ever looked at me like that. And I’ve caught him too which makes it even better. But I guess I could say I’m also guilty of the same thing and I often get asked what but I’m just thinking about what an amazing boy this is and the fact we met by pure chance and coincident. Slowly I’m finding out his past is darker than I imagined and instead of being scared I’m intrigued and more attracted to him. Like I want to be the one thing in his life that will always make him smile and laugh and just to be the shining star of his world. I think each of us lights up the others world which is funny because of how we found each other in such dark places.